Unscripted is a card-based party game that motivates players to participate in emotionally expressive storytelling. The game has 3 decks: Question Cards, Emotion Cards, and Answer Cards. Each round, a designated player reveals 1 Question Card and 1 Emotion Card and the remaining players must answer the question using 1 or more of the 7 Answer Cards they've drawn while acting in the given Emotion.

The game won $3,000 in the 2019 California State University East Bay Start-Up competition judged by CEOs and investors. As Creative Lead and Co-Founder, I am in charge of the game and company's visual identity and graphic assets, including an original character, card designs, packaging, social media posts, and website. Check out our Instagram page linked directly below! My team and I are planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign soon to bring our efforts to life.

Game Box
Card Backs & Faces
The game's 3 decksĀ total to over 500 unique cards. Each of the 29 Emotion Cards feature a unique representative illustration of Bean Boy, the character I created to serve as a visual aid for what the players might want to emulate when acting in each specific emotion.
Game Manual
Promotional Instagram Reels

Bean Boy Introduction Video

Team Introduction Video

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